Lucia Ann Engineer, Ph.D.


Thank you very much for visiting.I am humbled and deeply grateful.

 I AM A Visionary. My Vision is to inspire YOU to Manifest Miracles in YOUR  life .

My several near-death experiences have kindled in me  a passionate yearning to be a guide and hold Sacred space for YOU  to remember,  see,  feel,  experience and to know the immense Love and Beauty of the Spiritual Realms; transcending Time & Space and Healing Yourself.

Each & everyone of us has a unique Spiritual Mission and calling in life. When we experience our Divinity and forgive and heal our past soul memories, we choose to become conscious co-creators of our life and our universe.

I trained as a Spiritual Past Life Regression Therapist, Life between Life Therapist and Shamanic  Healing Practitioner and Reiki Healing Master.

I have a doctorate Degree in Spirituality .

 With Love, Light and Infinite Blessings to you and your loved ones …..Lucia Ann


Lucia Ann Engineer, Ph.D.

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