Transforming our lives through the Healing Power of Love, Light and Sound.

 We come together through our “Sacred Drumming & Meditation Circle “to journey to the Spirit Realms for healing and guidance for ourselves and our Universe.

There is no right or wrong way to journey. All Journeys are guided by the Divine.

Please bring a Journal.
Drums Provided.
Contribution $ 10 payable at our Meditation & Drumming Circle.
Some of the Gifts of Our Sacred  Drumming and Meditation Circle are:
Meeting our Soul Family
Becoming more creative
Healing Our Mother Earth
Restful and Healing Sleep
Setting Healthy boundaries
Healing Ourselves and Others
Healing Animals, Birds and Plants
Self Confidence and empowerment
Co- creating our life with Our Creator
Physical and Emotional Healing of Our Heart
Receiving Spiritual Information during our Dreams
Abundance of Peace, Joy, Laughter, empowering friendships
Remembering our Past Lives/ Journeying to the Akashic Records